For the past few years, one of my teaching goals has been to find fun & easy ways to incorporate technology into a widely paper-based subject – English Language Arts & Reading.  After attending a handful of professional development sessions & doing some research & self-teaching of my own, I’m STILL not very versed in the virtual universe.

Year after year I say that I’m going to start a blog or actually utilize a classroom hashtag; I’ve seen how the hashtag possesses the power of engagement, & so many blogs have been helpful in my teaching journey through the last few years.

This year I decided to take a step back & refocus on my family; teaching is not for the faint of heart & when you get pregnant your first year, it feels like an unending uphill battle at work & at home. So I made the decision to resign after four years, (I’m a statistic, I know) & am trying to figure out my next step. Grad school, new district, who knows? For right now I’m going to focus on being a better mom & wife. AND I’m gonna craft up a storm while I wait to see what I’ll do next!